Moon Adventure in Uludag

uludagda moon adventure
uludagda moon adventure

Countdown has started for ASTROFEST2019, one of the international activities of Bursa Science and Technology Center. This year, ASTROFEST 2019 will bring famous scientists and sky enthusiasts together at the summit of Uludağ. 19-20-21 July will be held at Karinna Hotel in Uludag, a large number of scientists and astronomers will share their experiences with space scientists. ASTROFEST 2019 will stage many principles as well.

Mankind as the first step 50 years ago, that 'moon ride' adventure, a special program will take place in Turkey's largest astronomy festival will be held at the summit. Participants will have the chance to learn the details of the first man's journey to the Moon with the 'Apollo 11' program within the framework of film screenings, Moon observations with giant telescopes and ”Above the Moon” workshop activities, and what was 50 looking for on the Moon years ago? will find the answer.

Meteor shower at the summit

Participants at ASTROFEST2019 will be able to have fun with workshops, conferences and nature walks during the day, as well as at night to explore their objects with giant telescopes. Perseid will also be able to observe astronomers, constellations and planets that will witness the rain of meteorites. Records are in progress for ASTROFEST2019. A lucky winner will win a tour of the Bursa skies. Those who want to attend the event which will bring together famous names in science, technology and astronomy in Uludağ or can get detailed information from web addresses.


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