TransportationPark Buses Moved Up to Kocaeli Population in a Month

ulasimpark buses transported passengers as big as the population in a month
ulasimpark buses transported passengers as big as the population in a month

TransportationPark, a subsidiary of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, continues to increase the quality of its services in the field of public transport to ensure the satisfaction of the citizens of Kocaeli. TransportationPark, which undertakes the majority of its contribution to transportation with its daily flights, has an 336 bus throughout Kocaeli. In the first six months of 2019, these buses became an indispensable means of public transport by providing transportation services to 10 million 509 thousand 761 passengers. TransportationPark, offering a quality, comfortable and safe journey, has carried passengers as much as Kocaeli population in 1 month.

TransportationPark buses provide transportation to more than average 65 thousand 500 passengers per day. TransportationPark, which is pleased to serve the citizens of Kocaeli with its large and young fleet, continues its activities with the 'aylaştı. According to the latest data TransportationPark buses, 1 average 2759 voyages per day 6 monthly total 450.750 voyages, where citizens want to go. These buses, providing high quality, safe and fast transportation to citizens, also made 2019 million kilometers in the first half of 12.

TransportationPark's buses serve citizens by providing transportation to all districts of Kocaeli. TransportationPark has a 336 bus that provides Guest Focused Service Quality and provides transportation to the 12 district of Kocaeli by raising the satisfaction level to the highest level. Getting positive feedback by citizens from each district, TransportationPark continues to provide quality, safe and fast transportation services to the people of Kocaeli.

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