Üçyol Buca Metro Project Victim of False Feasibility Report

ucyol buca metro project victim of faulty feasibility report
ucyol buca metro project victim of faulty feasibility report

Üçyol-Buca Metro line project accusing the government at every opportunity CHP Izmir Metropolitan, hit the wall. It turned out that the project was the victim of the erroneous feasibility report

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has started to work to relieve Buca traffic which is becoming more and more unbearable with each passing day. In this context, the tender for the project of Üçyol Buca Metro was launched. The Governorship of İzmir decided that EIA is not necessary for the Buca Metro, which has a total length of 2017 kilometers in October 13.5. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality contacted international credit institutions to finance the project. Since the metro line will be implemented with international credit, the project was approved by the General Directorate of Infrastructures of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and sent to the approval of the High Planning Council of the Ministry of Development. 24 After the June elections, when the Ministry of Development was closed, the file was transferred to the Presidency Strategy and Budget Directorate General Directorate of Sectors and Public Investments. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has accused the central government of Üçyol - Buca Metro which has not been tendered at every opportunity before 31 March local elections. Aziz Kocaoglu, former mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, held the government responsible for what happened during his farewell visit to Kemalpasa shortly before transferring the duty to Tuner Soyer. Oğlu Buca metro everything is okay, Koca said Kocaoğlu; “The project was approved at the General Directorate of Infrastructures. Currently at the Ministry of Development. An overprint from the formality will be written and signed. I've been waiting three days for a day's work.. Buğra Gökçe, the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, stated that Buca Metro is awaiting approval in Ankara at the briefing given to the members of İzmir Economic Development and Coordination Committee; “Technically, we don't have a shortage to make this investment,” he said.

Egeli MORNING's research, the citizens of the CHP metropolitan in the election process revealed that the wrong information. Presidency Strategy and Budget Directorate General Directorate of Sectors and Public Investments, 26 In April, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality sent a letter to Buca Metro's investment program for the 2019 year. Stating that they found the project positive in principle, the general directorate asked the metropolitan municipality to correct the errors in the feasibility report.

* The construction cost per kilometer, excluding vehicle costs, is calculated by us as 67 million USD and it is considered that this amount is much higher than the average construction cost per kilometer of 40-45 million USD.

* In the feasibility, it is considered that the unit cost of vehicles accepted as 1,9 million USD is a high assumption. As a matter of fact, the average unit cost of subway projects currently underway is between 1.1 and 1.4 million USD.

* Average fare; 0.82 TL (0.22 USD) is considered by considering the discounted, free and transfer passengers and the annual inflation of 5 is envisaged for ticket revenues.

* On the other hand, in all financial and economic analyzes, 2018 US Dollars = 1 TL, which is the 3.733 program rate, is used in all calculations except construction costs.

* In addition, in the economic analysis, it is considered that the discount rate, which is accepted as 10 percent in US dollars, is high considering the market conditions.

* 2022, which is the year in which the project will be put into service, shows that the peak hour one-way travel demand is 17 thousand 235 passengers / hour and this demand level is 10. It is seen that it meets the minimum value of 15 thousand passengers / hour required for the construction of metro systems in the Development Plan. In addition, it is predicted that 105 million 403 thousand 454 passengers will request annual 319 thousand 404 passengers in the first operational year on the route. 20 km long subway line, 23 km long suburban line, 136 km long suburban line, total number of passengers per day by sea is 1 million 705 thousand 470 and only 13.3 thousand X is considered to be optimistic.

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