Half of the railways in Turkey will be achieved by the DP World Ports

turkiyede dpi railways in the world will be reached Yarımca main castle
turkiyede dpi railways in the world will be reached Yarımca main castle

📩 02/07/2019 15:59

Port railway connection that they invest for DP World Yarimca CEO Kris Adams, "Railway link to our every place reached by the railway in Turkey after the entry into service DP World Half of containers shipped through the terminal can be done," he said.

DP World Yarımca, established in 550 with an investment of 2015 million dollars in Izmit Bay, stands out with its investments in technology. stating that they invest for rail links to the port DP World Yarimca CEO Kris Adams, "Railway link to our after entering the service reached by the railway in Turkey everywhere DP World Yarımca Terminal out will be able to container shipments," he said.

DP World Yarımca, established on an area of ​​46 hectares, is one of the largest container ports in the Marmara Region, Adams said. “The port has an 1.3 million TEU capacity and employs approximately 500 people.”

Despite the fact that the port is a fairly new investment, 2017 handled 450 thousand TEU containers in the region and recorded 40 market share in the market, Kris Adams said, ık We have achieved rapid growth momentum since the port was established. We passed the 1 million TEU threshold at 2018 and closed last year as the first in the sector of Eastern Marmara ”
she said.

DP World's existing technological infrastructure Yarimca with an expression that stand out among the most technologically advanced port in Turkey Kris Adams, "DP World also Yarımca, where DP World port technology development and begin to experiment with new technologies. This provides a significant advantage in competition. DP World Yarimca vehicle booking system (ARS) was applied for the first time in Turkey and highlights applications in ports were established on the basis on a global scale. The system already uses the 200 transport company. Thanks to the vehicle booking system, these companies can determine when to enter and exit the port according to the situation on the production lines. With this system, the average time spent by trucks in the port was reduced to 30 minutes. This enables shipping companies who have the opportunity to make more trips during the day, to use their own resources more efficiently. Yap

“Remote controlled cranes provide efficiency and safety at the port”
Another innovation they use in the port is the remote-controlled Super Post-Panamax dock cranes, Adams said, “The cranes are controlled from the control room located in the administrative building, 1.5 kilometers away from the port. This enables us to work faster, safer and more efficiently. Remote controlled dock cranes have the capacity to serve even 22 meters ships with 400 thousand TEU capacity. In addition, within the scope of DP World's global strategy, we initiated a pilot project at Yarımca port and realized a global first and the remote control system was put into operation in rubber wheeled field cranes (RTG). ”

Remote controlled cranes; Adams said that it provides a more ergonomic, efficient and safe working environment. “In addition, the performance of our employees is increasing. As DP World Yarımca, we combine manpower and technology to form the most efficient business model. ”

Kristin Adams, their investment in the Gulf of Izmit, in order to increase their market share in Turkey, he said an opportunity.

It's important centers as well as pave the way to achieving its goals in trade also stressed the importance of the port Adams said, "We are here to contribute to the growth of Turkey's economy in the long term. Port and devotes significant resources to all our employees, we add over Turkey's our best to structure the sector. We are able to provide time and cost effective solutions by supporting the infrastructure we have at a high level of safety. Turkey; As a developing country, 80 has an important place in our global network with many steps such as its large and young population of millions, a strong local infrastructure investment environment, high growth rates, the target of becoming one of the world's largest 10 economy in the next five years and its progress towards containerization. ”He said. (WORLD)

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