Russia and Turkey Hampers different rail widths of the Increase Trade Volume

turk obstacle to Russian trade
turk obstacle to Russian trade

Turkish-Russian Business Council Vice President Ali Galip War, Turkey and investment cooperation between the two countries have different track width of the railways in Russia and prevent the increase of the trade volume, he said.

Turkey is a partner in the comments InnoPro War I 2019 Industry Fair, drew attention to the increase in the volume of trade barriers in front of the railway.

He emphasized that the railway line between the two countries could not be used at full capacity and this prevented the increase of investment co-operation and trade volume.


Head of TCDD Logistics Department, Mehmet Altınsoy, who expanded Savaş's statement with concrete examples, said, and Currently, the trade volume between the two countries is 44 million tons. Of this, 42 million tons are provided by sea and only 2 million tons are provided on the railway. The reason for having different track width Russia and Turkey, "he said.

Russia's biggest partners want to be noted that Altınsoy, Russian Railways (RJD) with an active work to solve this problem, he added. (tr.sputniknew)

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