Transportation Investments in Kayseri

transportation investments do not cut speed
transportation investments do not cut speed

Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Memduh Büyükkılıç, as in all areas of transport investments continue without slowing, he said. Mayor Büyükkılıç stated that they would connect Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard, known as Organized Industrial Mountain Road, to 15 July Boulevard with trumpet junction model. President Büyükkılıç, 15 July Boulevard announced that they have completed the first stage of paving work.

Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Memduh Büyükkılıç, Kayseri Organized Industry to connect to Talas'a 11 kilometer-long 15 July Boulevard, said that the work continues intensively. President Büyükkılıç, the first stage of the boulevard also completed the paving work, he said.

Mayor Memduh Büyükkılıç stated that they are planning a new underpass for 15 July Boulevard connection and said, ız We will connect 15 July Boulevard to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard with a trumpet junction. The trumpet intersection tender will be held on 8 August Thursday. There will be an 11X27 meter underpass at the trumpet junction. In addition, a reinforced concrete retaining wall with a length of 450 meters will be constructed in order to expand Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard and ease traffic. We have completed our project and tender preparations for this important investment. After the tender, we will start the construction and complete it in a short time. Our investments will continue unabated so that our people can lead a much more comfortable city life. ”

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