They Will Run for 'Istanbul Without Traffic'

kosacaklar for a traffic-free istanbul
kosacaklar for a traffic-free istanbul

The second race of uy I'm Running Istanbul ”organized by İBB Spor İstanbul will be held on Sunday in Üsküdar.

The participants will sweat on the Harem coast on a beautiful summer day with the slogan in Do you want to run in Üsküdar without traffic? ”.

28, the second race of “I'm Running Istanbul Spor series organized by Spor Istanbul, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, will be held in Üsküdar on Sunday. The event will be held with the slogan s Do you want to run in a Üsküdar without traffic?,, Approximately 2 thousand Istanbul people will run in Üsküdar without a car and without traffic.

The runners will complete the course by running 3 tour to Harem Bus Station in front of Üsküdar Marriage Office and back to Üsküdar. 10 kilometers of the race will be held in the electronic timing chip runners will be awarded with various gifts.


Üsküdar Stage of ”Running Istanbul” series will start with breathing exercises and warm-up movements. The event will be colored with DJ performance and will end with an award ceremony. Istanbul residents will compete and have a fun Sunday.

Koş Running Istanbul ”series consists of 5 stage, one of which is a special stage. This year the first race of the series was held in March with the special stage of International Women's Day. The races after Uskudar stage; Caddebostan will continue with Bakırköy and Bebek which is the last race of the series.

"I'm running to Istanbul" project, Istanbul Marathon and Istanbul Half Marathon to encourage participation such as road races in Turkey, to provide races in series to the runners, beginners to run in order to be able to adapt to short-distance race was launched in 2016.

A separate medal with a special design will be awarded in each series of runs. Runners who have completed the 4 series race will be able to combine their medals to complete the 'I'm Running Istanbul' medal.

DATE: 28 July 2019, Sunday
LOCATION: Üsküdar, in front of Üsküdar Marriage Office
CLOCK: 09.00 - 11.00

For detailed information and registration: I istanbulukosuy

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