Traffic Will Relieve With New Underpasses in the Capital

traffic will relax with new underpasses in the capital
traffic will relax with new underpasses in the capital

📩 29/07/2019 16:40

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to work underpasses and junctions for a safe and comfortable transportation in the capital without slowing down.

At the July meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality, the decision to start the underpass and alternative boulevard works at the 5 junction to relieve the traffic in the important points of the Capital.


The entrance to Konutkent Neighborhood on Dumlupınar Boulevard, one of the dense arteries of the capital, will be transformed into modern and comfortable intersections by rescuing the traffic flow in front of Başkent University and the entrance to Yaşamkent Neighborhood.

Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to provide both uninterrupted transportation and driving safety in traffic, will be under construction in a short time for the planned underpasses on Eskişehir Road.

An underpass at the entrance junction of Konutkent Neighborhood, a U-turn underpass after the entrance gate in front of Başkent University and a subway at the junction of Yaşamkent Neighborhood, the Metropolitan Municipality, which is preparing to tender for construction, will reduce traffic density in the Ankara-Eskişehir direction thanks to three underpasses.

Vehicles wanting to enter and exit the Konutkent and Yaşamkent regions will also be able to make controlled turns thanks to the roundabouts on the underpasses. The U-turn underpass in front of Başkent University will provide safe and fast transportation in the direction of the city center.


Citizens residing in the districts of Etimesgut-Sincan Turkish Red Crescent Street and Istasyon Street, which is used every day, the busy boulevard will be solved with alternative boulevard.

Station Avenue traffic will be more relaxed with an alternative boulevard. Turkish Red Crescent and Istasyon Street As it is one of the busiest streets used by capitalists to go to the center, it is planned to provide uninterrupted access to the direction of Xinjiang with the new boulevard to be built on the other side of the TCDD line.

After the completion of the protocol processes with the relevant institutions, 2304, in front of Şehit Sait Ertürk State Hospital on İstasyon Street, which is at the beginning of the projects to be included in the program for the construction phase. Work will be initiated to build a new underpass at 3 at the signaled intersections at the entrance of Hikmet Özer Street and the street entrance.

On the new alternative boulevard north of the railway line; Railway overpass bridge, 1682. A total of 5 new railway crossing bridges and 1 underpasses will be constructed, including Street Overpass Bridge, Atilla Eşer Street Bridge, Railway Overpass Bridge, Emirler Station underpass and Xinjiang direction connection bridge.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Şaşmaz Sanayi Boulevard, which is one of the points where traffic density is experienced in the capital, rolled up its sleeves to relax the traffic.

Istanbul road (Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard), between Ankara Boulevard and Sasmaz Junction Industrial Boulevard on the connection road 2474. Street with 2473. At the intersection of two existing signaled intersections at the street intersection, a multi-storey intersection project will be implemented. In this way, Şaşmaz Sanayi will be relieved to a great extent with the traffic in the direction of Batıkent-Çayyolu.

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