Explanation of TCDD on Level Crossing

tcddden to close the level crossing
tcddden to close the level crossing

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate of Balikesir Altıeylül a level crossing due to the closure of the passage of vehicles in the borough of citizens to take action on the topic of the news made an explanation.

TCDD said: ”Today (30.07.2019) in some media organs, Gümüşçeşme and 2 in the district of Altıeylül in Balıkesir. As the level crossing connecting Gündoğan neighborhoods was closed to traffic by TCDD, it was deemed necessary to make the following statement upon the news that citizens reacted to the situation and took action.

1- Balıkesir-Kütahya railway line km 260 + 438'de level crossing by closing, on the same line and 407 meters ahead (km 260 + 845) vehicle overpass was built between the Agency and the Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality.

2-The overpass 2019 was completed and opened to traffic in January. The overpass at km 260 + 438 is not covered by the overpass; In order to close the level crossing, a study has been initiated by our Agency considering the safety of the trains and the safety of life and property of the citizens.

3-At the level crossing at km 260 + 438 to be closed, there are two pedestrian underpasses, 407 meters behind the vehicle overpass and 493 meters behind (km 259 + 945) and 262 meters ahead (km 260 + 700).

Citizens protesting the closure of a level crossing to the passage of vehicles in the district of Balıkesir Altıeylül, had made action on the railway. State Railways teams, after the work done Gümüşçeşme and 2. Gündoğan Neighborhood crossing the traffic crossing that connects each other, citizens came together to protest the decision in the area where the level crossing.

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