TCDD Transportation will procure labor machinist

tcdd transporter will make the purchase of labor machinist
tcdd transporter will make the purchase of labor machinist

TCDD Transportation Inc. Directorate of KPSS score without the requirement of the Machinist Workers will be hired.

Candidates to be included in the list to be notified by İŞKUR will submit documents on 08.08.2019-09.08.2019 dates. Candidates will submit the documents in person. In case the number of applicants who submit the documents and whose documents are accepted is above 20, the candidates who will take the oral exam will be drawn in the presence of the notary public by the draw of 4 times of the number of employment. The substitute candidate will be determined by lot as much as the original candidate and substitute candidates will be asked to submit the documents in order of substitute candidates who do not submit documents from the original candidates or whose documents are inappropriate. (For example, if the number of accepted applicants is less than 20, there will be no draw, and if 30 is drawn before the notary public, the 20 person will be designated as the main candidate and the remaining 10 person will be the substitute candidate. If 40 person is the main candidate, 20 person will be designated as substitute by lot.)

If it is necessary to draw lots before the notary public, it will be held on 22.08.2019 in TCDD General Directorate Conference Hall. Draw results is will be announced at. (Candidates wishing to draw lots)
You can watch it.)

The oral exam will be held at the General Directorate of TCDD Tasimacilik AS. Oral exam dates and results will be announced at.

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