TCDD Transportation Officer Appointment Announcement! KPSS 2019 / 1

tcddden kpssden central assignment announcement
tcddden kpssden central assignment announcement

📩 30/07/2019 12:53

The General Directorate of TCDD issued an announcement to give information about the 2019 / 1 KPSS central appointments and the procedures to be carried out by the personnel assigned to the organization.

ÖSYM Presidency announced the 2019/1 KPSS center assignment preference results. The TCDD General Directorate of the results announced by the OSYM Presidency has also issued an announcement regarding these appointments.

In the announcement of the institution, the personnel who were assigned to the institution, explaining which transactions they will perform in the following process, also provided information for the delivery of the documents.



Health Board Report
For the candidates assigned to the titles of Condenser, Officer, Engineer and Translator; Health Board Report to be obtained from Fully State Hospitals or Official University Hospitals.

For the candidates assigned to the title of Wagon Technician, the Medical Board reports to be obtained from the Fully State Hospitals or Official University Hospitals must include the following details.

  • Color Examination (Ishihora test performed)
  • Degree of vision (right-left eye indicated separately)

  • Screening test (for stimulants and drugs, the result must be negative)

  • Hearing examination (average of pure sound as a result of audiometry whisper heard from how many meters)

  • Detailed blood test results (Full blood screening-AST-ALT-GGT-Urea-Creatinine-Hbs Ab-Hbs Ap-HIV-HCV-T3-T4-T5H)

  • Height, Weight, BMI, Blood Pressure, Chest X-ray, Pulmonary Function Test, Urine Analysis

In addition, candidates who will be appointed as Wagon Technician should be successful in the Psychotechnical Examination to be performed by our Institution.

2) 2 Notarized Diploma Sample Sample (If the original copy is submitted, approval of the diploma by TCDD) will be sufficient.

3) 2 Number of Secondary Diploma Diploma or Document Received from School (For those with 4 year or Foundation + 3 year of study)

4 2 Discharge Certificate (for those who have completed military service) or military service certificate (those who have been suspended) (can be taken from related institutions or e-government system)

5 2 Sample Certificate of Identity (If the original of the identity card is submitted, it will be sufficient to approve the photocopy of the identity card by TCDD).

6) 2 Number YDS Result Certificate (Those who have YDS result certificate at ABC level should also bring document because contract fees will be affected.)

7) 2 Service Certificate (for those who are subject to any social security institution) (can be obtained from relevant institutions or e-government system)

8) Declaration of Address (Available from relevant institutions or e-government system)

9) Photo taken in the last 6 months (+ 6 for the Psychotechnical Examination Form of Wagon Technicians)

10) 2 Registrars Registration (Available from relevant institutions or e-government system)

11) 2019-1 KPSS Placement Result Document

12) Security Investigation and Archive Research Form >>

Candidates should personally apply to the Human Resources Department (Address: Anafartalar Mahallesi Hipodrom Caddesi No: 30 Gar - Altındağ / ANKARA) between the dates of 23 July - 2019 August 3 by preparing the above mentioned documents.

23 August Applications made after the end of 2019 working hours and / or by post will not be accepted.

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