TCDD Will Recruit 38 Personnel Without KPSS

tcdd kpsssiz staff will make purchases
tcdd kpsssiz staff will make purchases

Issued by the Republic of Turkey State Railways announced the total new ads will be made 3 38 staff on reception. You can find the application conditions and other details in the following news.

In the published announcement, “Machinist Workers will be recruited to our General Directorate regardless of the KPSS score requirement. Candidates to be included in the list to be notified by İŞKUR will submit documents on 08.08.2019-09.08.2019. Candidates will personally deliver documents. ” expressions were included.

State Railways of the Republic of Turkey, published in the recruitment ads; Mechanic, engine repairer, locomotive repairer, wagon manufacturing and repair, technical service staff to employ staff in total 38 announced that the recruitment.

Candidates who wish to make an application must fill in the job application form which will be published on the official website of TCDD General Directorate between the dates 29 July - 9 August 2019.

The candidates for the recruitment of TCDD machinist; train machinist must have a professional qualification certificate, be able to receive health boards from any of the full-fledged state hospitals or official university hospitals, and graduate from departments such as electricity, electronics, machinery and rail systems. KPSS requirement is not required in the application.

Engine repairman, locomotive repairman and wagon manufacturing and repairman candidates; vocational colleges must have graduated from motor vehicle technology departments, machinery and metal technology departments and personal status should be former convicts. Candidates will be employed according to KPSS score rankings.

Requirements for technical service personnel candidates; graduates of the vocational schools such as electricity, electric power generation transmission and distribution, electronic technology, mechatronics, and personal status of being “disabled”.

TCDD KPSS minimum score unconditional 38 personnel recruitment to reach the full text of the announcement CLICK HERE

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