Strong Cooperation for Testing Elevator Safety Equipments

strong cooperation to test lift safety components
strong cooperation to test lift safety components

BTSO MESYEB, which has implemented the Güvenlik Elevator Safety Equipment Test and Development Center ği where the safety components of the elevator can be tested in the most reliable way, has signed an important cooperation protocol.

In the scope of the market surveillance and inspection activities carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, protocol ceremony on the execution of test and inspection services for the elevator sector by BTSO MESYEB, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Hasan Büyükdede, TSE President Prof.Dr. Dr. Adem Şahin, BTSO Parliament Speaker Ali Uğur, BTSO Vice Chairman of the Board İsmail Kuş and Cüneyt Şener with the participation of business representatives.


Industry and Technology Deputy Minister Hasan Büyükdeniz, the manufacturer of the safety components used in the test elevator company in Turkey stressed that within the limited opportunities at home and abroad with high cost structures. Büyükdede noted that this situation interferes with the determination of the conformity of the technical regulations of the elevator safety components and the development of the safety components at the production stage and that the test procedures for elevator safety components will begin within BTSO MESYEB. Stating that an exemplary cooperation protocol has been signed between the Ministry of Industry and Technology and BTSO MESYEB, Büyükdede said, de At BTSO MESYEB, it is aimed to carry out tests of vital components such as braking safety device, speed regulator and buffer device in the first stage with test tower and measuring devices. In the following processes, we aim to improve the scope of the test in line with the needs of the sector. This center carries a first feature for the test to be applied in Turkey. "he said.


Büyükdede stated that the center will have a critical importance in terms of R & D and innovation in the production of elevator components in the coming period; He also stated that with the technical knowledge, he would provide serious resources for the realization of the production of elevator safety components with high quality standards with domestic and national resources in the medium term. "By creating conformity assessment and certification facilities for the test center elevator safety components will fill an important gap in the industry." Said the Büyükdeniz, "we take this signature Turkey indigenization and nationalization on a step will be closer to the target." He said.


BTSO Vice President Ismail Bird, detailed testing of the safety components used in elevators under accredited conditions only said that abroad. İsmail Kuş stated that 'Elevator Safety Equipments Test and Development Center' will be an important center where elevator safety components can be tested in the most reliable way and said, se Although almost all kinds of elevator components are produced in our country, there is no laboratory to measure and improve the quality and quality of safety components. As BTSO, with the vision of our Ministry, we are taking the first step to bring this national investment to our industrialists technologically in our country's most comprehensive elevator training, application and professional qualification certification facility. Kul


Ismail Bird, this project more at home with the outside tests to 3 xnumx't cost of comprehensive and Turkey said they aimed to achieve a qualified way, "At the same time we will also keep our own resources in the country. This project will be the first laboratory in which elevator parts can be tested separately as well as brake system, speed regulator, buffer, rails and elevator motors can be tested separately. It is among our objectives to create the technological level of the test and development laboratory at a level where we can develop national and national designs. ”


BCCI Assembly President Ali Ugur, the center will move first in the Turkey Bursa and wished to be beneficial to the industry. Ali Uğur stated that BTSO emphasized the importance of high technology and added value and domestic and national vision in the industry at every opportunity. Our companies operating in the sector will be able to carry out the tests they need in the laboratories located in our center much faster and at affordable costs. We are very pleased to have realized such an investment within BTSO MESYEB, which has made significant contributions to the development of the sector with the certification activities and opened up the way to increase the number of qualified personnel trained in the sector. ”

Following the speeches, Deputy Minister Hasan Büyükdede and BTSO Vice President İsmail Kuş signed the protocol regarding the execution of test and inspection services for the elevator sector within the scope of market surveillance activities carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

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