Freight Wagons Produced in Sivas Will Be Sent to Azerbaijan

freight wagons produced in medium will be sent to Azerbaijani
freight wagons produced in medium will be sent to Azerbaijani

The freight wagons produced in Sivas will be sent to Azerbaijan. Production started for prototype of 2 freight wagon. If agreement is reached, 600 wagon will be produced. If the wagons produced by TÜDEMSAŞ pass the tests, 36 million dollars revenue will be obtained from Azerbaijan.

TÜDEMSAŞ Deputy General Manager Mehmet Başoğlu said that now the prototype of the 2 freight wagon has started to be produced in Sivas.

Başoğlu said that if the produced wagons were tested, they would start mass production and said, uz We are waiting for the order of 600 wagons that will work on Baku-Tbilisi line. Following the signing of the agreement, the first stage of the 600 wagon will be produced. We look forward to the joint production and technical information transfer from TUDEMSAS Azerbaijan. Bey

After the production of freight wagons, it is planned to make joint production with Azerbaijan, Başoğlu said: 80 has been producing wagons for years in Sivas. cars produced by TÜDEMSAŞ will continue to serve in Turkey and European Railways. Azerbaijan demanded 600 freight wagon prototype from TÜDEMSAŞ for 36 million dollar order. We are currently working on freight wagons. After the prototypes produced successfully passed the tests, an agreement will be made between the two countries on wagon production. In the coming days after the contract is to be signed between Azerbaijan and Turkey will begin series production cars in Sivas.

Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway project with Turkey and Azerbaijan were connected. Annual 700 wagons are produced at TÜDEMSAŞ. TÜDEMSAŞ will start double shift production with new order. Thus, additional employment will be provided. TÜDEMSAŞ will continue to ship to Poland, Austria and Germany this year. ” (Sivasmemleket)

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