Samulaş has 96 Million 663 Thousand TL Debt

samulasin has a million thousand debt
samulasin has a million thousand debt

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Samulaş A.Ş. General Manager Enver Sedat Tamgacı announced that the total debt of Samulaş, who lost 2,5 million TL on average, is 96 million 663 thousand TL.

The first meeting of the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality in July was held in the Assembly Hall of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality under the chairmanship of the Deputy Chairman of the Assembly Nihat Soğuk. 27 agenda, after the discussion of the 2 off-agenda item, Samulaş A.Ş. General Director Enver Sedat Tamgacı, answered questions from members of parliament.

Stating that Samulaş has suffered a certain amount of loss since 2016, Tamgacı said, “As Samulaş, we have a debt of 31 million 2019 thousand TL as of 97 March 802. 6 million 383 thousand of them are market debts. We have a debt of 8 million 2 thousand 472 euro of 960 million 15 thousand liras as of that date, as a result of the purchase of the last 559 trams. We owe banks 2019 million 9 TL until the end of 394. We have a debt of 2020 million 2025 thousand TL in the long term (between 66-466). In other words, we have a total debt of 97 million 802 thousand TL. After March 31, we have to pay a loan of 3 million TL. As of now, our market debt is 7 million 797 thousand TL, for the last 8 trams we bought, we have a debt of 16 million 130 thousand TL in the current exchange rate, 6 million 270 thousand TL in the short term and 66 million 466 thousand TL in the long term. We have a debt of 96 million 663 thousand 626 TL with the current one. In the last 3 months, we have made a loan payment of 3 million. As of today, there is a decrease of 1 million 139 thousand TL in debts. ”

“An average of 2,5 million TL loss is made every month”

Expressing that subsidies are indispensable in transportation, Enver Sedat Tamgacı said, “As Samulaş, we operate the rail system, bus, cable car and the parking lot under the Bulvar AVM. With 20 percent in the transport sector anywhere in Turkey is creating free passengers. 40 percent of them are teachers and students. The rest are traveling at regular rates. Thus, in the public transport it is suspended them anywhere in Turkey. As far as I know, Şanlıurfa became the new metropolitan area. It provides its company with 5 million support every month. Konya does this work within the municipality. It provides an average of 5 million monthly support. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality provides 500 million TL support annually. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality subsidizes this business with an average of 1 billion TL support each year. We have a turnover of 4,5 million every month and we have an expense of approximately 6,5-7 million TL. Therefore, a loss of approximately 2-2,5 million TL is made every month. In the determinations last year, it was stated that 24 million losses were made. The company has no harm until 2016. Approximately 2016 buses were bought after 70. Tram purchases were made. There have been some losses with their reimbursement. This is the biggest figure, with 24 million last year, probably at that level this year. In 2017, approximately 12 million TL was lost. When we add up, there is nearly 3 million losses in the past 40 years. There is no harm before him, ”he said.

“Passengers will not wait more than 6 minutes tram”

Tamgacı stated that passengers will not expect trams more than 6 minutes, especially in short line.

“There is no new tram purchase right now. In its current form, the rail system will continue. We made some business changes. We think the number of vehicles available is sufficient today. No vehicle purchases are visible in the short term for savings. There was a vehicle purchase tender, we canceled it. You know the economic situation of both Samsun and the country. Therefore, we do not buy vehicles in the short term because we think we can remove this business with the present, and we will not buy staff. Rail system flights extended from Tekkeköy to OMÜ. There will be no elongation at any time. We follow the expeditions. We also follow up if there is any deficiency. In the winter period, with the opening of the schools, we have prepared our flights to OMU, Municipalities, and the Rector's Office to Tekkeköy, that is, every 6 minutes in the buffer zone. There will be no increase in time. We will speed up a little, and we will close that gap with it. Citizens will not wait more than 1 minutes, especially between the Rectorate and Municipalities. Crowd rates are also calculated and are in our data. Some vehicles have problems with their own ergonamia. We have a bit of information lacking. We will do this by providing them and making spacers. Density we almost have to solve it. If we solve the vehicles by sending them to Tekkeköy, this will not work. Therefore, our problem is short, but the intermediate ring will plan flights according to where the passenger lands and gets on. ”

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