SAMULAŞ Supports 40 from 375 to XNUMX Guest

samulasdan to province guest service
samulasdan to province guest service

SAMULAŞ in Samsun provides dest transportation support İl to the Provincial Training Coordinators and Responsible Training organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports General Directorate of Credit and Dormitories (KYK) within the scope of 100 Year activities and attended by 40 personnel from 375 province.

5 daily training program organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports KYK General Directorate for provincial education coordinators and dormitory education officers is being held in Samsun within the scope of 19 May Year activities. SAMULAŞ also provides 'transportation' support to the trainings that Samsun Governorship and Samsun Metropolitan Municipality also contribute.

Provincial Education Coordinators and Dormitory Education Officers Training organized by KYK General Directorate and attended by 40 people from 375 province started at Münevver Ayaşlı Girls Dormitory located in Kurupelit Campus of Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMÜ). The Ministry of Youth and Sports Consultant Selim Cerrah, Head of Education Oktay Mahşer and KYK General Manager Recep Ali Er also participated in the 5 daily trainings SAMULAŞ 'transportation' support. Those who come to the SAMULAŞ stand established in the dormitory where the trainings are given can buy 2 boarding pass or full Samkart and have the opportunity to travel to OMÜ campus or Samsun city center.

SAMULAS officers also provide detailed information about bus or tram travel times to the guests in Samsun for the training program and make promotions about the city and advise on places to visit. İsmail Hakkı Kasapoğlu, Regional Director of KYK Samsun, said, eğitim We are conducting our training programs which are very important for our institution in Samsun this year. We would like to thank SAMULAŞ for providing access to our guests who participated in our training programs where everything was planned perfectly. ”

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