Samsun Amisos Hill Cable Car Line Taken for Maintenance

amisos hill cable car line was taken care of
amisos hill cable car line was taken care of

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAS, 'West Park, the operator of the cable cars, ropes, carrier rollers, gondolas and all electro-mechanical system up to' Heavy Maintenance 'took. The ropeway, whose activities are not completely stopped, continues to operate between 13.00 and 23.00.

Samsun's Ilkadim District Baruthane neighborhood of the Tombs of the King and the Amisos Hill and the West Park connecting the cable car facilities, the operator of the Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAS teams are undergoing maintenance. In the morning, 06.00'de launched maintenance and repair work continues until 13.00'e. The cable car continues to serve Samsun residents from this time until 23.00.

SAMULAŞ made a statement on the subject: “Our ropeway operation in Baruthane area, which is operated by our company, which gives priority to human and system security, has been taken care of from top to bottom. Considering the increasing interest in the cable car in recent days, heavy maintenance works that we have started without stopping the operations of the enterprise are continuing in full swing. In this way, we increase the quality of safe and comfortable journey even more. Ild

Within the scope of the maintenance works, the ropes of carrier ropes, gondolas, carrier system and all electromechanical system and equipment were checked, lubricated and wear measurements were made. “All the cabins were cleaned with carrier ropes. In addition, a 6 gondola is completely cleaned and the windows are renewed. In short, all possible risks in the ropeway system have been eliminated and security has been ensured. We believe that the complaints from our citizens will come to an end from time to time with these studies. SAMULAŞ will continue to see the safety of Samsun residents as its top priority in all its services..

In the last section of SAMULAŞ's statement, it was said: “Our ropeway service serves Samsun residents every day of the week with 500 gondola along the 6 meter line, between 10.00 and 23.00 hours. At the same time, 18 connects West Park and Amazon Island, Amisos Hill and Restaurant, King Tombs and Baruthane Tumuli. With this aspect, our ropeways make a great contribution to Samsun tourism and history. We invite the people of Samsun to use our cable cars to discover the historical and touristic beauties in the Baruthane region. ”

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