Cooperation for Sakarya Pedestrian Zone Renewal Project

cooperation for sakarya pedestrian zone renovation project
cooperation for sakarya pedestrian zone renovation project

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to support district municipalities on issues such as roads, asphalt and landscaping.

The metropolitan municipality does not refuse the demands from the district municipalities and carries out planning studies for the needs. Finally, Çankaya Municipality's “Sakarya Pedestrian Zone Renewal Project yapan cooperating with the Metropolitan Municipality, on the street and connected streets, straw steel concrete, granite slabs and afforestation works.


While the pedestrian zone renewal and landscaping works carried out in cooperation with Çankaya Municipality are accelerated, the teams of Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs are conducting 7 / 24 works.

Asphalt works are carried out by Çankaya Municipality, Sakarya Street, which has an important place among the pedestrian zones of Kızılay, Metropolitan Municipality carries out the 3 thousand square meter straw steel concrete and granite slab stone work.

Providing the trees to be planted in the street, the Municipality of Çankaya, which also supports Çankaya Municipality in environmental planning; Selanik Street, Danube Street, Karanfil Street, Konur Street and other streets in the region continues to pavement renovation work without slowing down.


The Municipality continues to increase the number of green areas throughout the city without slowing down the traffic, pedestrian zone Sakarya Street within the scope of the renovation works carried out by afforestation, a greener and more breathing effort to reach the goal of Ankara is spending more green.

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