In Russia, the culvert crashed, coal-loaded train derailed

russian culvert coktu komur load train derailed
russian culvert coktu komur load train derailed

In Russia, a freight train carrying coal derailed when a culvert collapsed due to excessive rainfall.

Coal-fired freight train derailed due to the collapse of a culvert due to excessive rainfall in the Siktiyvkar city of the Komi Republic of Russia. While the locomotive of the freight train passed through the culvert, there was a collapse in the culvert.

According to the statement made by the North West Research Department of the Russian Ministry of Transport, there were no casualties in the train accident and the machinists survived the accident. 23 wagon connected to the locomotive is also derailed, some wagons flew into the culvert, the region was closed to train access was learned. It was announced that the works were started for towing the wagons coming out of the rail, and that all the wagons were towed and repair works would be started. Initiating an investigation into the accident, 4 passenger train during the day has been canceled, the line will be closed to the train during 48 hours said.

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