Road Construction Works in Eskişehir Countryside

road construction works continue in eskisehir countryside
road construction works continue in eskisehir countryside

Road Construction Works In Rural Eskişehir Continues. Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, which makes people smile in the city center and in the countryside with the works it carries out, continues the road construction, maintenance and repair works without any break.

The teams continue their work at many different points in the countryside, the superstructure on the road that connects the Çalı district and Yeşilyurt neighborhood of Mihalıççık district and the infrastructure work on the road to Hamidiye Neighborhood.

Günyüzü and Alpu districts connected to the neighborhood roads in accordance with the demands of the mukhtarlarını tasked with the work machine leveling, stockade and slope cleaning work by making the connection ways more secure for drivers.

In line with the ongoing studies, the teams who completed the infrastructure work on the road between Taşlık-Kuyucak and Seyitgazi district started the superstructure works.

In the district of Mahmudiye due to the passage of heavy tonnage vehicles and depending on the seasonal conditions occurred in the neighborhood road between Turkmenmecidiye-Beykışla repair teams continue to work uninterrupted.

In addition, the Metropolitan Municipality teams continued their work in the city center, Ahmet Hamit Dedelek Boulevard, asphalt pavement was held last.

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