Rize Reaches the Bike Path

rize regains its bicycle path
rize regains its bicycle path

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the second 100 daily action plan within the framework of the project to build a bicycle path to contribute to environmental transportation Rize Municipality initiative has resulted.

Rize Municipality Rize City Bike Road Project construction works started with the support of Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Hamidiye neighborhood (Gündoğdu) From Doğupark, Rize Central coastal Mesut Yilmaz park along the coastal road bike project, 2.4 meters wide round-trip two-way 8 km. will be long. The project, which was started on the coast of Rize, will not be limited to the bike path, but also includes 3 km with 2.5 meter width. long walk path.

Following the approval of the Ministry, the construction of the bicycle path project, which is financed by the Bank of Provinces with the support of grants and started to be carried out, is continuing rapidly.

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