Reverse Home Has Intense Interest From Citizens

reverse home sees intense interest from citizens
reverse home sees intense interest from citizens

“Reverse House alan, which is among the unique projects of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality and attracts attention with its appearance, attracts great interest from citizens.

Saying that Ters Ev will become one of the city's attractions, the Metropolitan Mayor Dr.. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said, “The Ters Ev, which was put into service by our Metropolitan Municipality and opened to the public on 19 June, has hosted 21 thousand 450 people so far. We aim to make Ters Ev become one of the important tourism spots of Ordu and one of the city's attractions. ”

Expressing that they are pleased with the impact that Ters Ev draws on the people with the distinction of being unique in the Black Sea Region, Mayor Güler said, “The Inverted House, which is constructed by applying anchorage to the radial foundation in 150 m2 area near the cable car station and giving slope in two directions at different angles. Was implemented in 2 floors. Reverse House, in which bedrooms, bathrooms, sitting groups and kitchen, as well as other items in a house are mounted in the opposite direction, attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists. This interest shown by citizens makes us happy too. ”

Stating that the Reverse House will make a great contribution to the promotion of the province, Mayor Güler said, eden Citizens visiting Reverse House do not neglect to take photographs with their mobile phones and cameras to immortalize this moment. Thus, while more curiosity arouses the project, many more people come here to see the project that they follow on social media or news. Inviting thousands of people in a short time, Ters Ev not only contributes to the promotion of the province but also increases its attractiveness ”.

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