Countdown Begins for Red Bull Flight Day

countdown started for red bull flight
countdown started for red bull flight

Red Bull Flight Day, which was last held six years ago in Istanbul, will be reorganized in August with the support of IMM. In the organization in Caddebostan, the participants will try to fly to the longest distance by jumping off a ramp with their manpower-based vehicles. Thousands of people are expected to watch the event, which will offer a visual feast to Istanbulites.

21 September On 2013 Flight Day in Long Beach, California, The Chicken Whisperers set a world record with an 78,5-meter flight. It is wondered whether this record will be broken at the event in Istanbul.


The names of the teams come to the fore as much as the design of the vehicles that will participate in the race. Activities Flying from Turkey Efeler, the Turkish Ministry of Magic, Vecihi Team Rotten Savar, baklava, apart from their Inserts can not be billed and Apprentice mechanic team, inspired by the longest line name İETT in Istanbul draws attention Flying 500T.


In the race, participants will wear stunning costumes, play sketches and dance with their own music to earn showmanship points. 4, where many stage programs will be organized throughout the day, contests for the audience and music performances will add color. Red Bull Flight Day, all Istanbul residents will be able to follow the event area free of charge. 4 11 on Sunday, August: 00 is expected to be watched by a thousand people.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will support the organization which will provide a great weekend to Istanbul residents with its many units. IMM will provide services in many areas such as boats and boats, beach allocation, beach cleaning, personnel and police support, control and supervision, and will also offer mobile catering to the audience.

Ambulance and health teams to be available in the field to be able to intervene in case of emergency emergencies IMM, fire, accident and disaster risk to fire teams in the field to assign.



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