Reactions to Cable Car Ticket Fees Grow in Avalanche in Alanya

alanya cable car ticket fees
alanya cable car ticket fees

New Alanyareactions to the exorbitant ropeway prices raised by Turkey. Silence of Alanya Municipality draws attention in the cable car discussion

The response to the demanded ticket price of 900 TL for an approximate 5 minute ropeway ride at a distance of 28 METERS is growing avalanche. The first attack on the headline news of Alanya's flagship New Alanya came from MHP District President Mustafa Türkdoğan. Türkdoğan explained that the cable car is 10 TL to Alanya who takes its residence. Even if there is no announcement by the authorities to Alanya '10 TL to Alanya' decision brought with the discussions. The first statement on the issue came from Montenegro CHP District President Coskun. President Montenegro criticized the failure to announce the decision. On the other hand, the decision concerns only those who reside in Alanya Castle. Alanya Municipality, which was allegedly taken in one of the meetings held in June 'Alanya 10 TL' remained silent on the decision.

While all these discussions were going on, tourismists emphasized that a possible 10 TL decision would create injustice in the domestic market and should include all Turkish citizens if a price reduction would be made. As well as tourism in the blood of 2016-2017 years, it was reminded that the domestic market rescued Alanya were domestic tourists.

On the other hand, the 'Alanya 10 TL' decision of the Alanya Teleferik and the price tariffs on the website is not in any of the drew attention. If Turkey's distance many times in different places that make a difference when compared with the exorbitant tariffs Alanya longest cable car cable car line in the final status of what is still a mystery.

Prices on the cable car returned to Arabic
After the cable car prices returned to the tangle, the questions asked by the citizen were as follows: Is there such a decision taken at Alanya Municipality Council? If so, why was not announced when the decision was made? If the decision was taken, why didn't Alanya Cable Car implement? Why is there no indication in any of the tariffs that 10 TL is for Alanya? '10 TL to Alanya' decision is fair? Turkish citizens living in cities outside of Alanya in Turkey, why are subjected to discrimination? Did not the domestic market that saved Alanya in the years when tourism cried blood? Will there be an official discount on ropeway prices?

Global Media Association (KGK) Founding Chairman, Dim Medya A.Ş. Chairman of the Board of Directors Mehmet Ali Dim, emphasizing that journalism is a public profession, said they would follow the issue. Ay This is a robbery. There is a cable car built by the municipality of 1,5 kilometers in Denizli. Single price applied, 7 lira. We only have 900 meters, 28 lira. We will not let go of this job ”.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and Alanya Municipality CHP Councilor Erkan Demirci, noting that a municipality should bring clarity to the topic "conditions in Turkey 28 expensive pounds. I think the price is appropriate for foreigners. We do not know whether such a decision has been taken in respect of the fact that the lift is a 10 TL for the residents of Alanya. Alanya Municipality should bring an explanation and enlighten the public. The things we talk about are claims. In order to make a healthy comment, it is necessary to wait for the official announcement from Alanya Municipality. The fact that 10 TL is for people who live in Alanya and that it is more expensive for Turkish citizens coming from outside of Alanya, of course causes discomfort at the first stage and creates a situation like human discrimination. If the 10 TL decision was taken at the council meeting in Alanya, we do not yet know which contract was taken on the basis of which provision. We hope that an official statement will be made in the future. ”

District Chairman Yücel Apaydın Good Party uncertainties about ropeway prices and 'Alanya 10 TL' criticized the application. Apaydın stated that Alanya Municipality has behaved irresponsibly. “The municipality should make an urgent explanation and end this chaos. Make a healthy statement. If there is such a decision, even if it is taken by the council, this shows the irresponsibility of the municipality. Since the municipality has made a decision on this issue, why didn't it fulfill its responsibility and announce it to the public? We need to question this. Kul

Apaydın pointed out that all citizens living in the country should be equal and said “We always support equality. Citizens of this country or anyone who comes to Alanya should enjoy the services on equal terms without discrimination. The subjects that need to be privileged to the people of Alanya are different. A different fare tariff varies from person to person in a means of transport is incorrect. Even the Syrians are not discriminated against, a different price tariff should not be applied to a Turkish citizen who comes to Alanya from outside. Will this country, which has been feeding Syrians for years, discriminating among its citizens? Vatandaş (Ceren ŞAHİN - yenialany to)

alanya cable car ticket fees
alanya cable car ticket fees

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