President Erdogan: "Turkey and China Common Shares Vision for the Future '

turkey and gin have been sharing a common vision of the future
turkey and gin have been sharing a common vision of the future

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, one of the major media outlets in China, "Global Times" newspaper "Turkey and China: Common Vision for the Future of Two Countries" was published in an article titled.

In an article published in China's 'Global Times', President Erdoğan gave the following statements:

Turkey and China, despite the geographical distance between them have been close trade and cultural relations between the two countries over the centuries are. The two ancient civilizations in the east of Asia and in the westernmost of Asia, the Chinese and the Turks undertook the protection of the Historical Silk Road and contributed greatly to the development of trade and cultural interaction.

This cooperation between our countries has continued for centuries and is now strengthened by the initiative of the Belt and Road, led by my esteemed friend of China, Mr. Xi Jinping. Belt as the Republic of Turkey, and we strongly support the road initiatives. We were one of the first countries to support this initiative in 2013. Now in line with Mr. Xi Jinping's vision, 100, covering the country and international organization of the Generation and Road project over 21. We are very pleased to see that the century has become the largest development project.

Corridor initiative led by Turkey's Central Belt and is the heart of the road initiatives. Starting from here by rail from Georgia to Azerbaijan from Turkey to Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan after reaching beyond the Caspian Sea to China Central Corridor, it constitutes one of the most important components of the Belt and Road project.

Within this scope, we have implemented Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) Railway Project in recent years. 3, which we built in Istanbul Strait. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the Marmaray and Eurasian Tunnels passing under the Bosphorus, 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, which we started to construct in the Dardanelles, divided roads, highways, high-speed lines, logistics bases and communication infrastructures. and will contribute directly to the objective of establishing the link between Beijing and London, the target of the Belt Road Project.

The Medium Corridor will make a great contribution to the Belt and Road project due to its advantage of time and the fact that 12 is a route that can serve the moon regardless of the seasonal effects. In this context, we will continue to work with our Chinese friends to integrate the Belt and Road project with the Middle Corridor.

Turkey and China are continuously evolving relations in line with mutual respect and common interests in 2010 rose to the level of Strategic Relations. Now, we aim to increase our relations with a win-win approach to higher levels in line with the vision of a shared future with the Generation and Road initiative.

Turkey and China, 21 the resulting disparities are due to have started late development compared to Western countries. century are aimed at closing countries. In other words, it is the ulaşmak Chinese dream için for the Chinese and the “Turkish dream biz for the Chinese. 100 of China's founding of the Chinese Communist Party. and 2021 of the People's Republic of China. the establishment of the Republic of Turkey as well as our 100 2049 years with development goals. We have targets for the year 100 and 2023. these goals to transform our country into a welfare society is also another they share a common vision for the future of Turkey and China together.

Increasing cooperation in our bilateral relations intensifies the interaction between our societies and provides important gains in tourism. 2018 year we celebrated as Turkey Tourism Year in China and in this regard we held dozens of events across China. In this respect, it is pleasing to see significant increases in the number of Chinese tourists visiting our country in recent years. The achievement of the “1 million Chinese tourists” target that we have identified with Mr. Xi Jinping in the coming years will also contribute to the development of relations between our countries.

It is among our targets to increase our foreign trade with China in a more balanced, sustainable and joint-based manner, first to double the current level to 50 billion dollars and then to 100 billion dollars. At this point, I urge Chinese businessmen to invest in our country, which is at the heart of the crossroads of Asia and Europe and the Belt and Road project.

Do not forget to Turkey's investment in the world's only 82 16 million young and dynamic population. not only your investment in the big economy, but also an investment of a population of 1,6 billion in the hinterland of our country and a gross national product of 24 trillion dollars. Most of all investments made in Turkey Generation and create a new future for road projects and we are investing in our dreams.

We have a great desire to develop cooperation between our countries in every field. Increasing cooperation in the field of education and establishing joint universities are among the steps we can take in this field. I think that Turkey can perform two emerging powers of China and the cooperation in this field has proved to the world their own technology and production power with original projects they have implemented in recent years in the defense industry.

Today, our world faces serious global challenges. While economic globalization deepens throughout the world, the challenges facing the global free trade system pose a threat to all world economies. These threats, which are still the product of a misunderstanding as we are living in a unipolar world, undermine world peace and stability.

Turkey as world peace, security and stability of preservation of multilateralism and free trade in areas such as the protection of them share the same vision with China. It is clear that there is a need for the construction of a new international system which is in the interest of the common interest of all humanity, as the world is in search of a new multipolar balance. This was the woman in the history of mankind in the process of building a new system of civilization that Turkey and fell again a great mission to China.

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