Pedestrian Priority in Ankara Traffic

pedestrian traffic in ankara
pedestrian traffic in ankara

Turkey launched across the "pedestrian first application" of the capital Ankara, while also supporting new applications that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality started is remarkable about social awareness.

In order to draw attention to pedestrian priority in traffic, the Metropolitan Municipality started to draw icons for the first time on the streets and streets of the capital.


The teams of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science, 7 / 24 spend intensive work for the exemplary “Pedestrian Icons First” application.

The teams draw the icons prepared on the floors horizontally and vertically with paints in order to raise awareness on pedestrian priority in traffic.

In particular, the intersection of pedestrian and school crossings without traffic lights and signaling system, the icon application is launched at the point where the drivers slow down and pedestrian transition is provided to give priority. With the application that is vital and increases the safety of pedestrian crossing, it is aimed to warn the drivers with ground and ground signs and to gain habits to slow down or even stop at these points.

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