Pedestrian Priority Application in Kula

pedestrian priority application
pedestrian priority application

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality to the designated points in the districts; expressing the priority of the pedestrian 'First Pedestrian' icons within the scope of assembly work in various streets of Kula district indicating the pedestrian priority stripes were drawn.

Providing pedestrian safety and superiority in traffic, to prevent the loss of life and property, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which has signed various studies, continues 'Pedestrian First' applications. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Traffic Services Branch Directorate in line with the work carried out in various districts and streets of Kula pedestrian crossing lanes. Pedestrian crossing of the appropriate distance to the pedestrian crossing and pedestrians to protect the superiority of the work done in the district, won the appreciation of the people of the district. Transportation Department teams, within the scope of the work schedule 'Pedestrian First' implementation throughout the province by implementing the traffic will continue to support the increase of pedestrian safety.



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