Two Trains Collide in Pakistan, 11 Dead 70 Wounded

two train riders injured in pakistan
two train riders injured in pakistan

In the city of Sadikabad, south of Punjab in Pakistan, the 1 female 11 person was killed and more than 70 were injured as a result of the collision between the passenger train and the freight train. Rescue work continues to emergency teams, announced the increase in the number of dead and injured.

The accident occurred during the Ketta-Lahore expedition of the Akbar Express Train earlier this morning. High-Speed ​​Train hit the rear freight train waiting at the Walhar Train Station, which was on its way.

Regional Police announced that 1 was a woman and that 70 was a child from the wounded. The wounded were referred to various hospitals in the region for treatment purposes. Police said that hydraulic breakers were used to remove the bodies from the train wreck, where the rescue operation continued uninterrupted. There are more casualties in the accident.

Complaints will be given to those killed and injured as a result of the train accident, the country's opposition in the last year after the 5 train accident demanded the dismissal of Pakistani Rail Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed.

Pakistani State Prime Minister Imran Khan, in a statement on social media expressed regret over the accident. Wishing condolences to those who lost relatives in the accident, Khan asked for an immediate investigation into the incident.

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