The Rules of the Game are Changing in the Automotive Sector

The Rules of the Game are Changing in the Automotive Sector
The Rules of the Game are Changing in the Automotive Sector

Will be able to change the DNA of the machinery industry for efficient and fast production Technology Rental The model seems to change the rules of the game in the automotive industry as well. Predicting that the sector will change rapidly, especially with the automobile market transitioning from fossil fuels to electric, hybrid and autonomous vehicles; TEZMAKSAN started to implement the rental model in machine tools so that the automobile supplier industry can invest more easily.

Working for a sustainable world in recent years, the automobile sector has focused on the production of electric, hybrid and autonomous vehicles. At this point in hybrid cars, as well as all over the world met growing interest in Turkey. Hybrid cars are expected to become one of the top four players in the car market over the next five years.

Turkey's leading machine tool manufacturer Tezmaksan, future-proof their investments as the brand for the last two years they can apply more efficient "rental model" expanding the scope of the automotive sector, he added. Tezmaksan started to “rent takım the machine tools and robotic systems required to produce vehicles, equipment and spare parts to be used in the automotive industry and expects the application that can change the DNA of the machine sector will change the rules of the game in the automotive sector.

Makine We think it would be very advantageous to rent a machine for manufacturers ”

Tezmaksan General Manager Hakan Aydoğdu said that 2030 is a very important threshold for the future of the automotive industry and that we will see more fossil, electric, hybrid and autonomous vehicles in traffic in the future. Pointing out that the shrinkage in the automotive industry has reached 50 percent, Aydoğdu said, “We expanded the scope of the leasing model to support automobile manufacturers in every aspect. Since technologies in the automotive industry will change over time and turn into autonomous vehicles, it will be more beneficial for companies working in the automotive industry to rent technology instead of buying machine tools. In addition, since the maintenance of the relevant machines is carried out regularly by us, the production losses due to machine downtimes approach almost zero. Recording all of the rent invoices as an expense also reduces the tax burden of the enterprises in financial terms," ​​he said.

Aydoğdu: A much more profitable model

Saying that they recommend purchasing or leasing according to the structure of the companies, Aydoğdu said, ız We make an assessment according to whether we can provide these three benefits in the leasing companies or whether they are necessary for the enterprise. It is necessary to assess whether it is profitable for the business from a broad perspective. For example to buy 4 for a year-long project? rental? If you ask, our answer will of course be rental. Manufacturers in Turkey now have to compete with foreign producers. No matter how low our labor costs, it is increasingly difficult to compete with new technologies. In this sense, in terms of renewal of your technology in certain periods, rental is a much more suitable model. Yap

Furthermore, Tezmaksan General Manager Hakan Aydoğdu, who says that they take the risk with the rental model in production benches, said, “2. Although the hand market is not a well established market as in the automotive sector, we try to support the investor by placing our hand under the stone. But in terms of benchmarking, 25 has a lower rental rate of approximately one percent compared to the payments made by the investment in financial leasing..

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