Mathematics will be taught at the bus stop

learn math at bus stop
learn math at bus stop

In the Acıpayam district of Denizli, 'Mathematics at the Stop' application is implemented within the scope of the e-Twinning Project. The project aims to extract mathematics from books, schools, students and teachers, and spread it from 7 to 70 in every area of ​​life.

Ankara Municipality of Acıpayam working and teaching Acıpayamlı Zubair project is being implemented with the support of Aslan in the first Acipayam in Turkey.

Despite being a mathematics teacher, Mukaddes Karip Osmaniye Karacaoğlan Secondary School, who is the project manager and illustrator, will launch the project from Acıpayam tomorrow in order to motivate students and parents who have recently survived earthquakes. With this project, in which 81 provinces participated, it is aimed to take mathematics out of the quadrilateral of books, schools, students and teachers and spread it from 7 to 70 in every area of ​​life.

During the summer holiday, volunteer math enthusiasts have mobilized teachers to explore the places where mathematics is stored all around life with pleasure and to bring mathematics to the love it deserves.

The project was introduced in Acıpayam district today. At the bus stop, which was covered with posters, teachers started to teach young children mathematics.

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