Ortaca Dalyan Road Starts Service with Renewed Face

ortaca dalyan road with renewed face started to serve
ortaca dalyan road with renewed face started to serve

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality 2017 in 1. He completed the stage of the paving work Ortaca Dalyan 2. The stage was completed and presented to the citizens.

Within the scope of 2017 program, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality completed the asphalting of a part of Atatürk Boulevard which is approximately 9 kilometers on the route of Ortaca Dalyan road. He completed the asphalting of the 2 thousand 2 meter road between Atatürk Boulevard and Ortaca - Dalyan.

2 with warming air. At the 2 thousand 400 meter long 10 meter wide road between Atatürk Boulevard and Dalyan road, which started hot asphalt works, the teams of Metropolitan Municipality activated the road which is in an important position in terms of tourism at the end of 1 weekly period.

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality teams 2017 in 1. The stage had been carried out asphalting and cycling on the Atatürk Boulevard in the Ortaca district and on the route from Ortaca to Dalyan.

Muğla across the safe ways of transportation for citizens who work with the power of the mayor of Muğla said. Osman Gürün stated that they reached 2400 km figure throughout the province. President Gürün; X Muğla has 13 districts and 247 neighborhoods on a wide geography like 13 thousand 569 square kilometers. We continue our road works in order for our citizens to travel safely and reach their loved ones among our neighborhoods and districts. Ortaca-Dalyan road deferred road work was completed by our teams. We have reached the number of 2400 km in road works throughout the province. Our beautiful city Muğla deserves the best service hizmet.

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