Ordu Port Rejoins

army arriving at port
army arriving at port

Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Hilmi Güler made some examinations at Ünye Port before the preparation of the “Ünye Port Project bulunan, which is among the vision projects of Ordu.

Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, who started to work for making more use of the sea from the sea and opening up investments for economic-social, tourism and employment. Mehmet Hilmi Guler, Unye Port Container Port project and the port before the preparation of the loan negotiations discussed.

Unye Port, attaching great importance to the Army Mayor Dr. Ordu. Mehmet Hilmi Güler emphasized that Ünye Container Port is located in a very important and strategic area. Guler, "Ünye Port, perhaps the Black Sea will be one of Turkey's most important harbor. This port is the exit point of the Mediterranean-Black Sea Road. All products of the Mediterranean Sea will travel directly from Ünye sea without going around the Aegean. From here it will go to Russia, Ukraine, Romania. On the other hand, all the goods of the Black Sea will descend from Mersin to the Mediterranean Sea. Army will be on one end and Mersin on the other. ”

Stating that the port is in the project phase, Mayor Güler said, “Ünye Port is still in the project phase. We received extensive technical and financial briefing from experts. I hope we will get a good result with the good. We're on-site detection now. We're at the extreme. We're in the rocky area with the lighthouse. Then the second arm will be extended. Then Turkey will have a very important harbor. This Ünye's, the army, and even the Black Sea to Turkey's economic development will provide a great advantage, "he said.

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