Murat 124 Lovers Met in Bilecik

murat sevdalilari met in bilecik
murat sevdalilari met in bilecik

Murat 124 lovers met in Bilecik at the event which was realized with the contributions of Bilecik Municipality.

From Istanbul to Kahramanmaraş, from Adana to İzmir, the event brought together classical lovers from 81 city and started with the camp established in Pelitözü Gölpark.

Then, the city tour, visiting the Sheikh Edebali Tomb group members, came back to Gölpak'ta.

Mayor Semih Şahin and his wife Serpil Şahin attended the event and shared the happiness of Murat 124 lovers. Mayor Şahin, who made a city tour with the classical lovers, presented a gift and a Certificate of Appreciation to Sinan Demir, the President of Murat 124 Sevda Club, who performed the organization in the event, and Uğur Kırca and its members.

Mayor Semih Şahin said that they will continue to organize beautiful activities and activities in Bilecik; '' The event was supported by Bilecik Municipality. However, I would like to thank the participants and the organizers who color and decorate this beautiful activity with their tools. '

Murat 124 Love Club Manager Uğur Kırca expressed his satisfaction with the event and thanked Mayor Semih Şahin and all the participants.

3 in Bilecik. Once they met Murat 124 Love Club President Sinan Demir said they came from Ankara with the love of Murat 124, '' We came with my son. We made about 300 kilometers and we came in convoy from Ankara with 15 vehicle. We're happy to be here. We've camped and we love my son. I hope I'il leave my car with him. Mayor Semih Şahin and Club Manager Uğur Kırca thank you very much. '' He said.

3 participants will set up camps in Bilecik during the day.

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