National High Speed ​​​​Trains Will Be On Rails in 2023

spindle high-speed trains on te rails
spindle high-speed trains on te rails

National High Speed ​​​​Trains on Rails in 2023. High-speed trains are planned to be completely domestic by 2023. Thanks to the support given by the government to the domestic industry, Turkey is beginning to have a voice in the world in railways as well. A significant accumulation was obtained from the 160 km/h National Electric Train Set works. In this way, the ministry started the work of aluminum body electric train sets at a speed of 2019 km / h in 225. With the design and project studies to be completed by the end of 2020, it is aimed to launch the first prototype set on the rails in 2021. The Ministry aims to produce high-speed trains with domestic and national designs until 2023.

hybrid locomotive of Turkey's first locomotive with hybrid technology when starting to be produced, environmentally friendly hybrid with lower fuel costs, low emissions locomotive will start to be issued in 2020.

spindle high-speed trains on te rails

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