Mersin Greater 76 New Bus to Buy, Taşucu-Aydıncık Line to Open

Mersin Greater 76 New Bus to Buy, Taşucu-Aydıncık Line to Open
Mersin Greater 76 New Bus to Buy, Taşucu-Aydıncık Line to Open

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Selecter, Mersin citizens complained about the most common issues in relation to public transport services gave the double gospel. Metropolitan Municipality will expand the vehicle fleet that expresses the Selecter, the work continues to open new lines, he said. Selector, to provide a more convenient transportation to citizens to give the good news that the new bus will be taken to 76, Tasucu-Aydıncık announced that the bus service will be launched.

“Buses will come for the test drive this week”
President Seçer, Sun RTV screens participated in the Nation Matters program, as a result of their work on public transport services and new buses are needed as soon as possible, said they started negotiations for the purchase. Describing the need to buy new buses 76 Seçer, “If we are going to make public transportation service as an ideal municipality from Anamur to Tarsus we need to buy 76 buses on our existing buses. We continue negotiations with different companies. We did their accounts, there will be no unnecessary purchase. No waste. Our money is very valuable. We are already scarce. We make good accounts for him. Buses will arrive for test drives this week. We will take more economical new model buses to test drive. We're standing on natural gas-powered buses. Despite economic difficulties, we make social and social touches. We keep them out of saving measures..

Dim I gave the instruction; We are starting a bus trip from Taşucu to Aydıncık ”
Seçer added that they have opened new lines within the scope of their improvements in transportation and will continue to open them when needed. “We had started the bus services of Çamlıyayla, Anamur and Bozyazı before. Now there is a new demand between Taşucu and Aydıncık. I instructed our competent friend before I came here. We're launching an expedition there. Public transport is one of the basic rights of citizens. The complaints conveyed to us in a very short time will be solved ”.

With the new buses taken and new lines opened, Mersin Seçer added that they will eliminate the transportation problems experienced by the citizens and said, “Our citizens will not experience the problems they face in public transportation with the new buses to be taken very soon. As a municipality, public transportation is one of the most important issues. One of the basic elements of the social municipality understanding is to provide free transportation to our citizens if possible, and to provide the cheapest transportation if not. Our citizens do not worry about this, ”he said.

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