Medipol'den Reply Came! 'We have rented TCDD annex building and guest house for 29 yearbook'

he came to the claims tcdd annex building and guesthouse we rented for years
he came to the claims tcdd annex building and guesthouse we rented for years

📩 29/07/2019 12:43

Medipol'den Reply Came! 'TCDD Annex and we rented guest house the 29 Annual', Ankara Train Station campus in located in the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), the date used as a guesthouse of the building after it was revealed that given to Ankara Medipol University came description of the university management.

Ankara Medipol University Rector Ahmet Zeki Sengul said that the guesthouse was rented with 29 annual contract.

In a written statement, ”Yesterday in some media organs and news sites of the historic building of Ankara Train Station. It has been seen that there are some misleading reports that the university has been “given ve and that it is necessary to correct the deliberate or ignorance of these news.

Historical Ankara Railway Station is not the main building, but additional building and guest house

In some of the news, photographs were used to cause the building in question to be perceived as the main building of Ankara Train Station. However, the subject has nothing to do with the main building. The historical Ankara Train Station main building is owned by TCDD and continues to be used by TCDD.

The allocation of buildings and land suitable for education to universities is a legal practice

It is a legal practice to allocate buildings and lands suitable for education to universities in order to support education. The criminally charged with improper identification of such practices will not only be an Scraps activities for our university, but also leaves the dock at many universities unjustly taken in Turkey. As a matter of fact, many lands and buildings have been allocated to many universities.

The purpose of preserving and preserving such structures with their historical identities and even allocating them to institutions providing public services is not unique and privileged to our university. The building in question will continue to live with its historical identity.

Grant, not rent

Communicating the buildings that are not granted to our university only by allocating them with a “given” installation means distorting a legal reality with the most optimistic approach. Our university has rented this additional building and guesthouse from Milli Emlak for a real fair value for 29 years. In other words, there is no such thing as “grant” or “giving”.

A transaction two years ago

The portrayal of a process that took place about two years ago, as it is today, raises suspicion, both for serving political purposes and for attempting to demilitarize our pre-registration university. Such Dirty accounts are unlikely to achieve their purpose.

Legal proceedings have been initiated regarding the misleading news. ”Said.

tcdd annex building and guesthouse we rented annually

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