Medipol Action from Professional Organizations “We will not remain silent on this looting”

medipol action from professional organizations will not remain silent to this rain
medipol action from professional organizations will not remain silent to this rain

DIPK Ankara Regional Representative Office, KESK Ankara Branch Platform, TMMOB Ankara Provincial Coordination Board, Ankara Medical Chamber and Ankara Chamber of Independent Accountants and Financial Advisors (ASMMMO) upon the call of TCDD's historical buildings and AOÇ land was founded by the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca Med. was protested.

CHP Ankara deputies Gamze Taşcıer and Servet Ünsal participated in the press release held at TCDD Ankara Train Station campus.

The press release read by İsmail Özdemir, Head of Ankara Branch of United Transport Employees Union (BTS), is as follows:

After the change of plan; as the area was declared as a private university area with a change of plan; Has it been allocated to Ankara Medipol University, which is the founder of Health Minister Fahrettin Koca? The question was asked to the political power, but this question was left unanswered and the operations were hidden from the public.

However, this reality, hidden from the public in 2018, was revealed with the banners of Ankara Medipol University hanging on the transferred buildings. The subject has found wide coverage in the press and social media, and reactions to the transactions have grown avalanche.

We would like to remind the Rector of Medipol University that Ankara Station has been operating since 1892. The campus, where the station building is located, contains the first buildings of the Republic. While it is necessary to protect and take care of these historical, cultural and industrial heritage of the railways, which were the carriers and symbols of contemporary civilization and the importance of railway management for our country and to take care of them, it is unreasonable and unscientific to use them.

Therefore, the first duty of the Rector; to share the lease agreement with the public.

In addition to the buildings that are needed for railway operation and used by TCDD as a workplace, this area includes TCDD Art Gallery and Museum, tea garden, guest house, nursery, lodging, etc. It is an area where there are buildings and reserve areas that need to be shaped according to railway needs according to developing and changing conditions. In other words, these areas and buildings are the places that TCDD needs in the development of railway management.

In order to maintain public service, the use of buildings and lands, which are already in need of TCDD, by changing the purpose of use to a foundation university, shows a conscious choice in favor of capital, as well as to ignore the benefit of the society and to distribute the generated rent with personal and group interests. (One day)

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