Panic in Marmaray! 'Empty Station Emergency' Announcement

marmarayda station emergency bosaltin announce
marmarayda station emergency bosaltin announce

Interesting announcements were added to Marmaray technical failures this morning. Yenimahalle'de 'station emergency evacuated' announcement was heard, passengers from the train stop Florya stop. Station officials gave information that the technical failure.

SözcüAccording to the news; “According to the information received from the Marmaray authorities, there will continue to be disruptions in train services today and tomorrow. Railway line 'scissors' due to the problem of train journeys will perform in 20 minute intervals.

This morning, Istanbul residents who want to use Marmaray encountered interesting announcements. Station officials reported that there was a technical failure. Clock 07: 00 waters HalkalıMarmaray train from Florya to Yenimahalle station stopped. Arriving at the station, 'Empty the station emergency' announcement was made.

The passengers then waited in surprise for a while as they were preparing to leave the station in panic. Then the vatman 'announcement is not correct' statement was returned to the train.

Time 07: In the 40 waters, passengers from the train from Gebze to Florya station were taken off the train and the train returned to Gebze. The passengers landed and took the next train.

A detailed explanation is expected from Marmaray authorities.

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