Malatya North Ring Road Will Relieve Transportation

malatya north environs will gain speed
malatya north environs will gain speed

Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, visited the Malatya Northern Ring Road on site by examining the necessary efforts to complete the project, he said.

Stating that Malatya is one of the important cities that have raised many statesmen and politicians from past to present, Mehmet Cahit Turan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, said, “It is one of the important cities of Anatolia that has been the cradle of many civilizations. Apart from the tasks undertaken in the history of our country in the history of the capital of the Republic of Turkey have trained very valuable dignitaries. Our city is an important city with its human values, historical values, cultural values, civilization and civilization. It is at an intersection on the East-West and North-South axes. This is an indication that Malatya is one of the important cities of our country. In recent years, our city has taken its share from the economic developments in our country. Metropolitan and social and economic aspects of the city is developing. ”

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Turan said, orum I wish that it will contribute to the promotion of Malatya and the promotion of apricot in the festival which is an important crop of this region due to the apricot festival and which is also known for the apricot which is well known in the world. This festival has been held for many years. When I came in August to perform military service in 1982, apricot festival was held in Kernek Square in Malatya. That's when my malathianism began. We have been friends with the Malati since then and we have still been friends since then. I will not pass without telling the loyalty of the people of Malatya. Buradan

Turan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, said: öncelikle To date, important studies have been carried out for Malatya in the work of the Highways, which is the responsibility of our Ministry. In order to increase the capacity of existing roads in the East-West North-South direction, to improve them and to make them into divided roads, we can say that their connections with neighboring provinces have been substantially completed. We have initiated a ring road project for Malatya in order to ensure the continuous development and growth of the city of Malatya, the increase in vehicle owners and the separation of urban transportation from intercity transportation. This project has a long history. We started this business and continue. Leaving aside the times lost in the past, we will include this project primarily in the service of the transportation infrastructure in Malatya.

As soon as we arrived in Malatya today, we saw the ongoing work of the project with our General Manager of Highways, Regional Manager, Governor, MPs and local managers. We did not consider the studies enough. We will strive to gain this project to our Malatya in the shortest time by discussing with our friends about the administrative procedures on the route where the road route will be made by increasing the team and equipment to accelerate these works ”.

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