Machinist Writer Set an Example for Future Generations

machinist writer sets an example for future generations
machinist writer sets an example for future generations

Abdülmecid Akkaş, vehicle maintenance and warehouse chief at Uşak Train Station, signed a great success story and read openly university and wrote books for future generations.

Machinist Writer Set an Example for Future Generations
Usak, Turkey's State Railways (TCDD) built and maneuver the incoming freight and passenger trains, the trains involved in the reigns of power and repair work Akkas (31) spends all her time to improve himself. Akkaş is an example to many young people. He studied and graduated from Anadolu University, Faculty of Open Education, Department of Business Administration. In the remaining time he wrote a book. He also received the appreciation of his colleagues at work because of his book, Passwords of Being Success, which he wrote to guide young people on the ladder of success. Akkaş, who loves and devotes herself, realized her success with the support of her husband and two children.

In Machinism is to set out in pitch darkness in the middle of the night ”
Expressing that he likes the profession of machinist, Akkaş stated that there are important recommendations about success in his book and said, “Machinistism demands first of all self-sacrifice. We can't do this without loving. Machinism in the middle of the night in the pitch dark, without graying dawn, warm bed to get up, devotedly to go to the road with love. The secret to success is hard work. I'm sure my book will find something on the road to success. My book has 16 chapters. It believes that it will contribute to the personal development of individuals, it contains very important differences than others benzer.

Akkaş's colleagues stated that they believe that they will contribute to the present and future generations with the book he has written.

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