Köseköy Sakıp Sabancı Street is Expanding

kosekoy sakip sabanci street is expanding
kosekoy sakip sabanci street is expanding

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is renewing by expanding Sakıp Sabancı Street which is located in front of Köseköy Mehduh Tagmaç Barracks and serves citizens as an alternative route between Kartepe Köseköy - İzmit. With the work carried out by teams of the Department of Science Affairs 800 thousand meters long road 10 meters wide road will serve as citizens.

Metropolitan Municipality continues to implement important projects in order to provide more comfortable and uninterrupted transportation in the city. In this direction, it is working to make alternative roads within the city more convenient. Thus, the problems that may occur in the main arteries are prevented. Köseköy Mehduh Tagmaç Barracks in front of the road and used as an alternative between Kartepe Köseköy - Izmit Metropolitan teams will be expanded by the service of citizens.

Metropolitan Municipality teams in the city of Izmit, an important alternative to the thousand 500 meters of the road, 3 thousand 700 tons of asphalt paving work has finished. A thousand-meter section of the road pavement work was completed. Infrastructure works are being carried out on the sidewalk of the road for lighting poles. Also, within the framework of the project, intersection works will be carried out at the junction of D - 100 underpass and Sakıp Sabancı Street.

Within the scope of the works, the narrow section on the Sakıp Sabancı Street between the creek wall and the military zone will be expanded. As part of the expansion, 170-meter section of the military area of ​​the road by expanding the fence of the wire fence will be provided. In the works, the ground filling of the concrete wall on which the fences will be placed is made for the fence of the military zone.

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