Köseköy Intersection Relieved Vehicle Traffic

kosekoy interchange relieved vehicle traffic
kosekoy interchange relieved vehicle traffic

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Kartepe district center linking and providing traffic on the route of Istanbul - Ankara Köseköy Junction was opened in February of this year. D-100 also provided uninterrupted transportation. In addition to relieving vehicle traffic, it has made the crossing of citizens using crossroads safe as pedestrians. Citizens who use the intersection safely and comfortably express satisfaction


İsrafil Yarar, who stated that he had been sitting for 10 for years, said: önce Before Köseköy Junction, this place was blocked from four sides. There was a really bad situation. There were accidents. Vehicles were waiting here for five minutes, ten minutes. With the construction of this junction, it was really perfect. God bless anyone who contributed. ”

ARD Before the intersection, we had a lot of trouble ”

Stating that 8 has been living in Kocaeli for years, İnci Sargür (68) said “I moved to Kocaeli from Bursa. We had a lot of trouble before this intersection was built here. There were accidents, no light tracking, the cars were going too fast. We were really having trouble. Then this bridge was built, now we are very comfortable. We can easily pass through the lights. Vehicles can easily pass from the bottom side ”.


Köseköy Junction, since the opening of the TEM highway from the entry-exit of heavy vehicles that have eliminated the traffic load. Vehicles through the intersection by providing transit traffic to relax. The side roads at the intersection were connected to the Sabancı Interchange side roads. The side roads were three lanes with turn lanes. The tunnel was constructed as 2 times 2 strip.


Within the scope of the project, 110 meter closed tunnel (branch-out) 500 meter was made open. The project main road was designed as a thousand 300 meters. The project includes 2 thousand 600 meters in the north-south side roads. The project includes 1 pedestrian bridge. In the intersection study, 35 thousand hot asphalt, 11 thousand square meters of parquet, 10 bin 500 meters were also used in the border.

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