President of the slow motion gave instructions

keciorenliler asked the president gave instructions slowly
keciorenliler asked the president gave instructions slowly

📩 12/07/2019 16:52

While Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is implementing new transportation projects all over the capital, it also takes care of the existing roads that have completed their useful life and are deformed.

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş, who gave instructions to solve the priority needs of citizens, finally gave instructions to make the road which has been damaged for a long time due to infrastructure works, but finally uses the streets in the continuation of Bağlum Boulevard.


On the complaints of the residents of the region to the Metropolitan Municipality via ALO 153 Blue Table and social media for months, President Yavaş made the point. Providing instructions to the Department of Science, Ankara Mayor Mansur Yavas, asked the problem to be solved as soon as possible.

Metropolitan teams continue the asphalt renewal works for easy, comfortable and convenient transportation on the roads of the capital, asphalt excavation of School Street and Bağlar Street, which is used by thousands of citizens every day, started on Bağlum Boulevard.


The teams working under the Department of Science Affairs working in coordination with ASKI will begin the asphalt laying process after the completion of the infrastructure works of ASKI.

Asphalting the entire 20 meter-wide road along the two streets, the Metropolitan Municipality will reduce the round-trip traffic on a single lane, pulling the road lines as soon as possible, and open both streets to traffic.

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