Kardemir's Domestic Car Transformation!

domestic automobile conversion from Kardemir
domestic automobile conversion from Kardemir

Karabük Iron and Steel Industry and Trade Inc. (KARDEMIR), the integration of the automotive industry and become a good supplier reported that the company's strategic goal.

With a participatory and transparent management approach, adding more value to the economy of our region and our country, making Kardemir more powerful and competitive against the developments in both global economies and in our sector, making our employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the society we live in We continue our efforts with sincere and intense efforts to achieve sustainable success.

As a publicly traded company whose shares are fully traded on the stock exchange, we share all of our company's activities, from investment to production, from the environment to corporate social responsibility, through KAP announcements and press releases, or through our social media accounts, in order to inform our stakeholders simultaneously and accurately.

We would like to mention once again that Kardemir continues to grow in accordance with the economies of scale. Upon this need, we briefly present the following points to the information of our stakeholders.

A world-class KARDEMİR, which produces 3.5 million tons of steel annually

2018 is the year of 2.4 Million tons of production. Two of our 2,5 converters in the meltshop are 3 tonnes and one is 90 tonnes. One of our 120 ton converters was stopped last month to upgrade to 90 ton and was undergoing renovation. 120 tons / year capacity 1.250.000. Continuous casting machine assembly work continues. Simultaneously with these, 4, which has been revised. The blast furnace was stopped and taken care of, and the lime factory with a capacity of 4 tons / day was renewed to increase 260 tons / day. With these investments, which will last about 425 months, our company's crude steel production capacity will reach 3,5 Million tons. The last step that will bring Kardemir to 2,9 Million tons is the construction of a new blast furnace and the last remaining converter to 3,5 ton, and this year it will be planned. Our investment organization has been restructured accordingly.


In line with our commitments to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and Karabük Municipality, our second stage environmental investments were completed and many new environmental investments were put into operation. Our company's environmental activities are not only aimed at preventing dust emissions. In order to protect the flora and fauna and to provide biodiversity, our green field works are increasing day by day. Again, our company has been involved in many national and international environmental projects.

Kardemir is one of the leading companies that voluntarily participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), which aims to reduce the impacts of climate change, a global problem. Metal Pollution Prevention and Control (EKÖK) System initiated by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and carried out by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization within the scope of the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (EKÖK) System. is one of the project partners. For this reason, the Environmental Directorate was established to manage our Environmental Activities more effectively managed at the level of chief engineering.

A KARDEMİR producing value-added steel

Our Rod and Coil Rolling Mill is a facility capable of producing in 4 separate final product group. In this plant, Ø 5,5-25 mm thin coils, Ø 20-55 mm Thick Coils (Garret), Ø 20-100 mm Rod (Quality Round Bar / SBQ) and Ø 8-40 mm Ribbed Steels can be produced. Low, Medium and High Carbon Steels, Bolting, Nut Steels, Electrode and Welding Wires, Prestressed Concrete Steels (PC wire), Tire Cord (Tire Cord), Automat Steels and Bearing Steels (BRG) are the steel qualities we produce in this facility. 52 mm diameter thick coils, which can be produced in a number of plants in the world, have been successfully produced in our coils.

A KARDEMİR that serves the survival of our country

With the commission established within our company, work was started to supply steel to the defense industry. For this purpose, many public institutions and private sector companies were interviewed. Providing sustainable production of the steels needed by our defense industry in Kardemir and contributing to the localization works in the sector is one of our top priorities.

As is known again, our Republic 100. One of the most important targets of the year is domestic automobile production. In recent years, the automotive industry has become the largest exporter sector in our country. It is a strategic goal for our company to integrate with the automotive industry and to become a good supplier. For this reason, a working group has been established for the automotive industry as well as the defense industry. Our R & D Department works with Kardemir in order to produce the steel products that will be used in the current and future projects of the automotive industry with our existing infrastructure and product range.

At present, our medium and high carbon steel grades suitable for forging and cold forming are offered to our automotive supplier industry in the form of rods and coils for use in various transfer elements and parts manufacturing. Our product development studies related to the coil suitable for the production of boron and chrome added fasteners are carried out together with the leading companies of the sector. In the high carbon quality group used in automotive tire wire manufacturing, our product development activities are carried out with a global manufacturer established in our country. In the coming period, high silica addition steel grades suitable for suspension spring production will also be offered to the automotive industry in coil form.

The Minister of Industry and Technology announced that the local car will be on the streets in 2022, that R & D activities continue to increase and that the project is a project that will transform all sectors. One of these transformations is taking place in Kardemir. We believe that these efforts will make Kardemir a global product supplier in this field.

A KARDEMİR that pays maximum attention to occupational safety

One of the most important priorities of our company, which is an industrial enterprise employing approximately 5.500 people together with its affiliates and service providers, is Occupational Health and Safety activities. In order to carry out both OHS trainings and personal and professional development trainings more effectively in our company, an Education Culture Center was established in 2014 which is owned by very few companies in our country today. This center is an enormous educational and social activity center with an 500 amphitheater, OHS and computer training classrooms, University-Industry Cooperation Work Offices. Again, Kardemir, Turkey's clock on the job training employees is one of the companies that offer the most training facilities. The aim of our Training Department was to meet the needs and expectations of our employees in this field.

A digitally transforming and developing KARDEMİR

It is inevitable to provide our Information Technologies with the infrastructure required by the era. For this purpose, a new study has been started in our company in order to renew our SAP software and to achieve the desired speed and efficiency with the new modules to be added.

KARDEMİR is growing, KARABÜK is growing

Since the day it was founded, Kardemir considers social responsibility activities that will improve the quality of life of the society it comes to life as one of the most important elements of its business strategies, and has served to increase social welfare with the projects it supports in different fields such as education, culture, art, science, sports, environment and health. each year a significant portion of its resources are allocated for this purpose. The Kardemir Museum of Yenişehir Engineers Club and Yenişehir Cinema, whose projects are approved, will be offered to the service of Karabük residents as the Theater and Culture Center will be added to our activities.

In order to ensure the above mentioned growth and development, Karabük will be the priority for our new facilities commissioned; we employ qualified, skilled and qualified personnel as needed.

As stated at the beginning, the strategic goals of Kardemir are clear: These facilities, the first integrated iron and steel factory of our Republic, are the 100 of our Republic. At 2023, the year: to make it stronger and more competitive than today, not to experience the worries and worries of yesterday and to achieve sustainable success.

We believe that we will achieve these goals together with all of our stakeholders who have not given their trust and support from Kardemir.

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