Izmir Moves to Relax Traffic! .. The Coast Side of Altınyol is Expanding

izmir traffic to relieve the move to the coastal side of the subway is being expanded
izmir traffic to relieve the move to the coastal side of the subway is being expanded

Another project promised by Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer before 31 March is being implemented. Aiming to make touches to the city traffic at key points, the Greater Municipality will expand the coastal side of Altınyol, one of the main vessels of the city, from the 3 lane to the 4 lane.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunc Soyer's election campaign 'touches to ease the traffic in the city' in the form of one of the projects expressed in the form of one more. Adnan Kahveci Bridge Interchange in recent years, which brought the metropolitan area, now aims to ease the flow of traffic through road expansion work. Within the scope of the work to be done in two stages, first of all, the 3.7 kilometer between the NNDÖKEN junction and the Adnan Kahveci junction will be removed from the 3 lane on the 4 lane. Within the scope of the 2 Stage, which will begin later, the distinction between Adnan Kahveci Interchange and Bornova will be discussed.

Trees remaining on the trunk will be transferred
The work at Altınyol will begin with the transfer of the remaining 50 trees (40 palm trees, 3 grain pine, 2 grain black cypress, 3 grain eucalyptus, 2 grain jacaranda) from the region this week. Then the construction work will begin. Metropolitan Municipality attaches great importance to the green texture of the city; will keep the trees in the maintenance area for a while. The trees will then be transported to a suitable green area.

Schools will be completed until opening
The project will be completed by the Metropolitan Municipality in order to ease the traffic before the 2019-2020 Academic Year. Thanks to this great transportation project, Altınyol KarşıyakaOn the way from Konak to the coastal part of the 1 strip will expand. Altinyol'un all (land and sea) will affect the work will not interfere with traffic. During the productions to be made on both the sea and land sides of Altınyol, only the traffic in both parts will be processed from two lanes.

Expanding the coastal side of the subway
Expanding the coastal side of the subway
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