High Speed ​​Train Protest in Italy

high speed train protest in italy
high speed train protest in italy

In Italy, thousands of people took action after the government gave the green light to the new high-speed train line, which has been under construction for years, between Turin and Lyon, France.
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The high-speed train line project between Turin, Italy and Lyon, France has been protested for years.

The protesters took to the streets when the Italian government sent a letter of commitment to the project to the competent bodies of the European Union.

The walk began in the Susa Valley on the route where the line will pass. There was a melee between the demonstrators and the security forces.

Stone and grenade throwing protesters group, security officials responded with tear gas.

The controversial issue is the 57 kilometer tunnel on the new line that will shorten the transport time between Turin and Lyon.

It is claimed that both the high cost of the tunnel and the sources of uranium and asbestos on the route it will pass will adversely affect human health.

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