Italy Railway Investment Approved

italy railway investment approved
italy railway investment approved

Italy Railway Investment Approved. Italy's Economic Planning Committee (CIPE) 24 approved the 28 billion Euro railway infrastructure fund for FS Italiane in July. The additional rail fund for Italian railways RFI, which amounts to approximately 15 billion euros, is valid for 2017-2021 dates.

This major fund includes the renovation of railway infrastructure in Italy and the construction of new high-speed train lines. This new investment, which will provide employment for a thousand people, includes the following projects:

  • Terzo Valico Railway
  • Brenner Railway
  • Brescia - Verona - Padua Railway
  • Naples - Bari Railway
  • Palermo - Catania - Messina Railway

According to the new investment, 2.000 plans to supply new vehicles as FS Italian plans to have the youngest fleet in Europe. With the first 2023 train to be delivered until 239, 600 will supply new regional trains. The company will also order 14 new Frecciarossa 1000 trains, 714 wagons and 100 new generation locomotives for freight transport.

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