New Solution for Istanbul's Traffic! .. Electric Scooter

new solution to the traffic of istanbul
new solution to the traffic of istanbul

After UBER, another international company started to operate in the transportation sector in Istanbul. The company met with the units affiliated to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and stated that it would like to conduct s individual ”passenger transport with the operation of electric scooters in Istanbul. For this purpose, he requested “permission” or language.

Istanbul is the megacent of Turkey with its 16 million population. Perhaps the most important problem in the city is traffic. Due to the intense human mobility, driving from one point to another is exhausting, laborious and of course costly. The city, to solve the problem of traffic to date, unfortunately, the applications that remain unaffected.

Both rail systems and public transport did not produce the desired results. Trafk problem, ordeal continues with grievances and all the heavy weight Here, this big problem is driving entrepreneurs. The latest example was the “electric scooter solution..

HabertürkAccording to Olcay Aydilek, an international company, knocked on the door of the Ministry of Transportation. He met with the land transport units. You wanted to transport “individual” passengers with the operation of electric scooters in Istanbul. For this purpose, he requested “permission” or s ilsan ”.

Accordingly, the citizen will rent scooters with a credit card for a certain hour or distance. It will igde from one point to another and deliver the vehicle at the prescribed point.


Well, is that allowed? The sources pointed out that scooters will be transported in the city and said, il The provincial municipalities are authorized in this matter. In this context, the company needs to meet with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The necessary information was submitted to the demanders ”.

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