First National Electric Train Set

National Electric Train Set
National Electric Train Set

TÜVASAŞ continues to design the first National and Domestic Electric Train Set and is preparing to manufacture Milli Tren with domestic facilities.

The National Train produced in TÜVASAŞ is designed with aluminum body and aims to be the first in this feature. 160 km / h with high comfort features, the 5 vehicle set is designed for intercity travel. In addition, the National Train is designed to meet the needs of disabled passengers.

The National Electric Train Set, which is targeted to be exported to European Union countries since 2023, is designed in TSI standards and its speed has been increased from 160 km / h to 200 km / h.


  • Maximum Speed: 160 km / h
  • Vehicle Body: Aluminum
  • Rail Opening 1435 mm
  • Axle Load: <18 tonnes
  • External Doors: Electromechanical Door
  • Fascia Doors: Electromechanical Door
  • Bogie: Driven Bogie and Non-Driven Bogie on all vehicles
  • Curve Radius 150 m. Minimum
  • Gauge: EN 15273-2 G1
  • Drive System: AC / AC, IGBT / IGCT
  • Information: PA / PIS, CCTV Passenger
  • Number of Passengers 322 + 2 PRM
  • Lighting System: LED
  • Air Conditioning System: EN 50125-1, T3 Class
  • Power Supply: 25kV, 50 Hz
  • Outdoor Temperature: 25 ° C / + 45 ° C
  • TSI Compliance: TSI LOCErPAS - TSI PRM - TSI NOI
  • Number of Toilets: Vacuum Type Toilet System 4 Standard + 1 Universal (PRM) Toilet
  • Traction Package: Automatic Clutch (Type 10) Semi-Automatic Clutch

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