Göztepe Pedestrian Bridge Renovated in Istanbul

goztepe pedestrian bridge in Istanbul is renewing
goztepe pedestrian bridge in Istanbul is renewing

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is starting to renovate Göztepe Pedestrian Bridge. Bridge renovation works, D-100 Highway Göztepe Medical Park region, 2 August Friday night 24.00 August 6 August Tuesday morning 06.00'ye in both directions by closing 1'er strip, the road will be narrowed.

İBB is starting to renew the Göztepe Pedestrian Bridge between Göztepe and Bostancı. Within the scope of the works; By removing the existing pedestrian bridge, a new bridge will be installed instead. The bridge that is already aging Kadıköy The foot in the direction coincided with the Kurbağalıdere rehabilitation project under construction. In order for the rehabilitation project to continue in a healthy way, the point where the bridge leg will sit is also planned to change.

After the installation of the new bridge is completed, dismantling of the old bridge will begin and pedestrians will be able to use the existing bridge during the operation.

The new pedestrian bridge, designed in steel, will consist of a 70.5 meter-long 1 middle 2 side stand, 2 elevator and 2 downhill ladder.

In order to make the middle foot of the pedestrian overpass, 100'er lane in both directions in the Göztepe Medical Park area of ​​D-1 Highway, 2 August 2019 Friday (night connecting Saturday) 24.00 to 6 August 2019 Tuesday morning 06.00 .

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